What is financial advice? Should you even listen to other people’s advice if you have no understanding of the fundamental concepts surrounding finance? Every market “expert” will tell you that you should never time the market. They’re just training you to be their next bagholder. That’s all that advice really means. At this point, it’s a race to see who will be left with the bags when it comes to buying into a recession. Read more

On August 21st, I decided I didn’t want to have it anymore. I was tired of feeling guilty, so I got myself fired on purpose in the worst way I could imagine so that I could convince myself that I would never be rehired again [sic: sounds stupid huh?]. I did not want to quit either or look for a similar job, I decided to just give it all up. I still am quite depressed knowing what I’ve helped create, even if my contributions are only a fraction of the whole. Read more

Well, I hope I’m wrong for my sake, but I do believe that the US is at a turning point from a macroeconomic perspective. The US dollar is too strong compared to the other currencies, all while it runs a trade deficit. We’re starting to realize that it is very difficult to keep a cap on technology exports since ideas move faster than traded goods do. It typically takes 2-3 years for a competing company in another nation to catch up on tech. Read more

So, take my information with a grain of salt. But this is how I personally think when it comes to finance. This is how I operate, but it is by no means a recommendation for how everyone should operate, since that would cause many other macroeconomic problems that I won’t go into detail here. Now, on with the blog post. So, are you a good investor? If so, by all means, take as much leverage as you can handle, you’ll be rich in no time. Read more

While working at Amazon, I never really had the time to understand the income I was making. Our incomes are just a number, but what does that number actually mean, and how do we properly assign value to work? What is the price of the consumer? Most people are taught that if they go to college and land a job, that they’ll be promised wealth. This is far from the truth. Read more