About me

I am a software engineer by profession, with a specialization around open source and big data. My personal email is .

Work experience

Amazon Web Services

Software Development Engineer

Jul 2015 - Sep 2019

  • Implemented and delivered EMR version 4.x and EMR version 5.x to production
  • Implemented and delivered the AWS EMR Multimaster feature into production
  • Exploratory work on building out a new AWS service

Big Data Support Engineer

Oct 2013 - Jul 2015

  • Assisted enterprise customers with big data platforms provided by Amazon Web Services.
  • Handled high severity escalation calls from some of Amazon’s largest customers.
  • Wrote training materials for using and supporting the Amazon EMR service.


Big Data Engineer

Jun 2012 - Oct 2013

  • Reimplemented Oracle to Vertica ETL jobs to run twice as fast. Solved Vertica database downtime issues.
  • Reimplemented HBase group by and secondary indexing coprocessor.
  • Implemented a functioning IPv6 stack on the Cisco routing setup.
  • Implemented an active-active setup of HAProxy load balancers, with RRDNS, SSL termination and support for SPDY/2 and secure websockets
  • Set up static content served over NGINX with SPDY/2 support and PHP hosted by the HipHop HTTP server. Builds are deployed via chef recipes.
  • Kickstarted an inhouse virtualization platform for development use using (KVM/libvirt).


Software Developer

Sept 2011 - Jun 2012

  • Implemented and tested a parsing and persistence framework for log data import from multiple vendors into Apache HBase with Hadoop.
  • Implemented and tested Map Reduce import jobs to scale across hardware and as datasets grow.
  • Reimplemented log file collection and aggregation to effectively use MapReduce on large datasets.
  • Aided in the data center design of a 50+ node Hadoop cluster


Software Development Engineer

Jan 2008 - Sep 2011

  • Developed Linux installers for multiple releases of IBM Systems Director 6.x server and agent software on multiple architectures (Linux on x86, Linux on Power, and Linux on System z [mainframe])
  • Handled unit test automation for the install software on KVM (VMs).


Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University - Bachelors of Science in Computer Science