I forgot my website even existed!

09/28/2019 in when life gives you lemons using tags make lemonade

It has been 4 or so years since I last wrote to this blog. I figure now that I have the time, I should probably make use of it. I’m paying for the domain anyway, so might as well set up a email server too now that I have the “free” time.

For those of you wondering where I went, I recently left Amazon due to circumstances more or less out of my control. Whether this spells my doom or if this is a blessing in disguise remains to be seen, but at the moment I’ve taken a break from my career. I will be taking time away from working for other companies for now, as I try to establish myself as a freelancer and self-employed contractor.

For now I’ve been trying to build a list of ideas that I’d like to tackle first but I won’t be pursuing these until I have a medium where I can share my thoughts, while demonstrating my skill set. What better way to do this than to demonstrate it through the blog itself!

I recently revitalized my personal domain, tokhy.me. In the last couple of days I have done the following:

  • Moved off of Jekyll to the Golang based Hugo project for rendering this static site.
  • Switched to a CDN (in this case, Cloudflare)
  • Tore down the EC2 instance used to build the static site, and instead moved to building it off my laptop.
  • Set up a personal Dovecot+Postfix server for sending emails from the tokhy.me domain.
  • Set up a single personal email address and email server, and set up SSL/TLS with LetsEncrypt certificates.
  • Set up a personal GPG key with this personal email address.

For those who want to keep in contact over email, I can be reached at . My less preferred contact method is over telephone (a VoIP landline running Asterisk). You can call me at .

My PGP signing key is 0x2D4172F722D6BE11.

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